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I’m so proud to open up my blog with a post by my sister!  We are so close, it warms my heart to see her talent turning into poetic gifts.
Here it goes- The first poetry post- poem and photo by Vivian Schlesinger.


The Poem in the Picture


They are tan, they smile, both children on my husband’s lap.
The sun is tired from a day at the beach.
My son’s gaze is not that of a 3 year old
yet his arm rests completely on his father’s,
son’s fingers clutch father’s thumb.
My daughter’s arm rests on her brother’s, her head
slightly tilted backwards, hides
my husband’s hand cradling her year-old
silk curls.
My husband is the only one smiling at the camera,
his lines at peace.
He knows
this photograph will speak
long after the wind blows the sun