Photo delight in Vila Madalena


Spending hours in traffic to get accross town to see another photographer’s exhibit may sound crazy but it has a renovating effect on me- and possibly on other photographers too. Looking at the way other people look at the same scene makes you wonder, admire and learn that there are so many other ways you could have used but did not- it makes you think further still- of other media, solutions and approaches.

Tonight I visited an exhibit by 17 photographers. Some of them had an approach very similar to mine, but others went to the other side of their brain to espress their views. I’m speaking of the exhibit, “UMA COISA SÃO DUAS” at Galeria Impar, curated by Eder Chiodetto. The house was so full you positively had to ask people to move so you could see the work on the walls.

Three works really stand out. The first one is a composition of body parts and paper or architectural elements by Jacqueline Schein, avery unusual approach to collage in which the artist effectively arouses your sensuality receptors. The second one is by Oscarlina Bandiera, a photographer who works as a plastic surgeon’s assistant. It’s a picture of a skinned hand. It shocks, yet you can´t stop looking at it. A backlit vivid color almost shouting portrayal of a human hand showing its internal anatomy- It arouses pain but at the same time the colors are so beautifully matched- it almost looks like a plastic copy. The third one by Gabriela Oliveira is my favorite’- a series of three black and white photographs of bare trees that have been delicately embroidered with silk thread. At a distance one thinks it is a double exposure or a sandwich of negatives. On a closer look the delicate stitching and its texture is revealed. A true jewel and only one of each! Not to be missed!
Galeria Ímpar, Rua Mourato Coelho 1017, Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Brasil. Ph #: 5511-2645-4480. Sept´1st through Oct 7th.


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  1. Enrico Hyppolito says:

    Ester Hamermesz, maravilhosa, Blog ímpar.

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    Uma quarta dimensão, Texto, fotografias, temas,. Entre o triste e o alegre.

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